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     A regulation basketball is usually half the size in diameter of the basket. It has a circumference of thirty inches, and a diameter of nine inches. The ball is inflated to around 8 lbs. of air pressure.

There are three different types of basketballs:

1. Leather: 100% genuine leather cover. As the ball is exposed to use, it becomes soft, with an appealing broken-in feel. Due to the nature of the leather, these basketballs are recommended for indoor use only. They are also the most expensive of the three.
2. Composite/Synthetic Leather: The artificial leather covering is designed to imitate the same features and durability of the genuine leather coverings. However, while genuine leather balls have to be broken in, the composite balls already have the broken-in softness.
3. Rubber: The durable rubber covering is ideal for outdoor play, as well as for beginners. They are the least expensive type of basketball.

     Basketballs come with two kinds of channeling; wide and narrow. Wide channels mean better control of the ball, as well as better grip. The choice is based on individual preference.